I was lucky enough to use Tess for a family shoot that had a dual purpose. It was partially about capturing some photos of my four kids before they grow yet again! But also about capturing some photos for my business. Tess was able to do both of these things with humour, lightness and ease. She has an eye for softness and for capturing connection, relationships and the bonds with in families… then making it all look beautiful and natural. 

The day in itself was cold and windy and my kids did not behave at all! I was sure there would be nothing good from the shoot. I was so surprised to be emailed an absolute tonne of beautiful photos the captured us with a softness that is just so beautiful- we wound up wanting every single photo from that day and the moment Tess captured is just priceless. 

  • Gen M

Tess has a unique talent of making her photo shoots feel fun and effortless, while producing truly beautiful shots. She is a master at capturing the moments you don’t think to stop for, but treasure forever. 

  • Adrienne 2020