What's your favourite photo?

When did you last jump infront of the camera with the people you love?

I make my family (and my extended family) get in the frame regularly. My kids, my nieces and nephews and my friends and their kids are used to it now. Get in the frame, take the photo and capture the moment.

My style is relaxed, candid and focuses on capturing the little moments and features. The bare feet, the clutched hands, giggles and kisses and tossing your little one in the air and capturing the glee. I love shooting at sundown, when the light is most beautiful and you can spend time as a family playing, relaxing and having fun whilst I snap away. By the water is the best, big open spaces and room to run. I'll guide and support your family through the shoot, it won't be stressful and you will have a collection of beautiful images to treasure forever.

"Moments, memories and capturing the in-between"

—Tess Donohue