My own happy place, is with a camera in my hands, adventuring with my family. Capturing their little moments, our memories made and freezing time as my kids grow.

I've been snapping away for as long as I can remember. I have hundreds of photos on display in our home and hundreds more in photo books and albums. My three rambunctious children are used to being infront of the camera, and the best photos are the ones unposed, and unexpected.

I am passionate about capturing families, children in their free spirited play and motherhood moments. Especially that last one, getting mama in the frame. Having memories and moments to look back on is something you'll never regret doing and you'll treasure them forever.

After ten years of primary school teaching, which really helps with the kid-connection on shoot, I took time out of the race to raise our family through their little years. Together with my number one sidekick, Liam, we have three fun and active children who keep us on our toes daily and my camera roll full of smiles and action. Turning my 'hobby' into a side business was a big leap, and I haven't looked back.

I capture families Sydney wide, have a beautiful natural light studio space on the lower north shore and also produce visual content for small businesses.

I can't wait to help you out with your photography. New family photo for Grandparents? An album of beautiful images before those kids get too big? A gallery of images for your business' social media? Candid headshots, streesfree? Capturing your newborn and making memories of that special bubble? Done. Drop me an email and lets start the conversation.